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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  August 21, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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his latest arrest is less than a year to a day when his boat crashed into a boat full of children. for that incident he pleaded guilty for driving under the influence and promised to go through rehab. a man on the boat that day says he's not surprised by this latest incident. >> i think it's ironic. there must be a guy. hoelse could this occur. it's the 20th of the month. thursday night would have been a year for me. i've been trembling shaking coming on it, pick up, move up, keep the chin up for the grandkids and the wife who still suffers worse than i do, i believe. >> reporter: the charges against dwyer will not get him kicked out of office because they're considered misdemeanors, and according to the rules of the house, they will not keep him serving as a lawmaker, but michael bush says in part delegate dwyer's
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conduct and indiscretions has put him in direct conflict with the laws of the state. he went on to say that the voters in dwyer's district will decide on his future. unlike his previous dui charge dwyer has not commented on this incident. reporting live from millersville roosevelt leftwich. we're learning more about a quadruple shooting. two of the victims were killed in front of their child just over a year old. that child was not harmed. one of the victims killed, william monroe, his mother and friend were also harmed. they were shot. police arrested mehlville mason and say he busted through the front door and started shooting not only killing monroe but his girlfriend. >> they were good people. i don't understand why somebody would go in a house and randomly start shooting with a child in the bedroom with the mother and father. >> she said when the guy busted through the window he said i am
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the reaper. >> and then what? >> and then he went upstairs and started shooting. >> after the shooting neighbors say mason took off but returned a short time later and sat on the couch until police arrived and arrested him. >> those murders are the latest in a string of shootings going back to the weekend. police say they'll put all officers down into uniform and patrol what they're calling hot spots. since monday morning four other shootings, one on jefferson street. two hours later a pair of bouncers shot on guilford bar and monday night two mo shootings. all those victims are expected to survive. the search is on for the gunman who shot three people including a 7-year-old boy on eager street during the weekend. johns hopkins is warning students of another robbery near the homewood campus. two women were walking on 31st street near calvert street monday night when they were robbed at gunpoint. the suspects came out of a
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hunter street alley and demanded the women's belongings. police are looking for those men. baltimore city police arrested a 16-year-old boy in a deadly stabbing of another teen near the ravens super bowl parade. nazir williams is charged with the murder of 15-year-old ntae smith. he was stabbed on the corner of howard and fay fayette 5th. smith was a high school student at patterson high. we know the name of a deputy who shot and killed a bel air teenager over the weekend. witnesses say that 19-year-old seth beckman was acting erratic and fought with the deputy before he was shot. matheny is on leave while the investigation continues. we'll keep you posted on air and online. we know the name of a man who died in a trench collapse on monday. his name is man well zuniga he was part of a crew adding a
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deck on to a house when a 9- foot hole collapsed on top of him. his wife is pregnant. . this morning the army private who leaked hundreds of thousands of classified documents will learn his fate. a military judge plans to announce what the sentence will be, what she's going to hand down to bradley manning. manning was convicted last month and faces 90 years in prison. prosecutors want a 60 year sentence saying a long-term prison sentence will deter other people from leaking government secrets. he will also get credit for the three and a half years he has already spent in jail. the orioles wrap up their series with the tampa bay rays tonight hoping to avoid the sweep. final score last night 7-4. it was close until the 9th 9th when the rays scored 4 runs. matt wieters had a home run for the second game and the birds continue their slip out of the playoff race but are one game behind last year's pace of 93 wins. o's fans you're going to
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get your hands on a collector's item, it's a regional cover featuring a story on davis' rise and power numbers. time now we're checking that forecast once again. it appears to be a clear start as we showed you a few moments ago with that beautiful moon, what's in store for today. let's go over to lynette. >> yes, we have few clouds out there. i'm going to call it mostly clear to partly cloudy, and you can see what's going on in the satellite and radar. also we are teaing with a few -- dealing with a few areas of patchy fog. we have rused visibility and you can see that -- reduced visibility. you can see that in the numbers right now. the eastern shore 5 miles of visibility, 8 in baltimore, 3 in frederick and below 1 mile in york. if you are traveling to the north along i-83 you are going to run into dense fog. all in all that will begin to burn itself off as we go towards sunrise. we have lots of moisture at the surface this morning and will continue that through the afternoon with dew points in the 70s in perry hall, 71 in
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annapolis, upper 60s in baltimore and glen burnie and look at chestertown at 72. elkton at 66 for the dew point. the temperature in the city coming at 76 degrees right now. over to you. shock and disbelief in a small oklahoma home after the shooting death of an australian student. schools in that district where he was killed are beefing up security. what students can expect with a heightened police presence later today. >> no delays on 97 south of 695. i'll show you what the other main lines look like and bring you the latest drive times coming up after the break. [ female announcer ] at royal caribbean, our ships are designed for wow.
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more on a developing story out of duncan oklahoma. we told you about christopher lane gunned down by three teenage boys. the schools in duncan will be increasing their security after alleged threats made against the high school. police informed school officials of involuntary anonymous threats made against the school. administrators say increased security will begin later today. among the changes the students will see an increased presence by security on campus and students will be required to remain on campus once they arrive unless a parent or guardian comes by to check them out. the duncan schools are known to have an open campus policy but that is not the case in the days to come. this goes back to five days ago
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when the east central university baseball player christopher lane was killed while jogging and also visiting with his girlfriend. three teens have been arrested and charged in his death. investigators contend those three teenage boys simply shot lane because they say they wanted to kill someone. taking a look at the stories making headlines around the nation. it's a story that could have had a tragic ending. 800 students are safe after a gunman opened fire at their elementary school. it happened at mcnair discovery allergy learning center outside atlanta. a man managed to get into the school that's usually locked and was armed with an assault rifle and other weapons. he ran into the office of the school clerk. her name is annette tuft and she spent time talking to him and eventually convinced him to surrender. >> i asked him to put all of his weapons down, put the gun on the table, and told him to lay on the floor, and then i told the police that he was
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giving himself up. >> before putting down his weapons hill fired at least half a dozen shots at officers who were swarming the school campus. this morning hill is in custody and we're learning a little more about him. he was arrested earlier this year for terrort acts. he was sentenced with probation and anger management. in arizona people there are raising a glass in honor of an elite firefighter squad. a brewery was created, a special beer called hero 19 and it's in honor of the hot shots battling the wildfire in yarnell arizona in june. people have stepped up to donate supplies like hops, malts and grains. the brew is symbolic of the 19 at $5 a pint. the customers keep coming back knowing the proceeds go @ firefighters families. firefighters battling a huge wildfire in idaho are saying they're making progress
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but working around the clock to stop those flames from spreading. the beaver creek fire has devoured 106,000 acres and crews say their primary goal is to get people back in their homes within the next day or two. one potential hurdle, the weather. thunderstorms are expected in that area today, and they're worried about lightning fueling those fires. in california firefighters are battling another massive wildfire. this one's called the rem fire. it's burned around 10,000 acres. that fire is threatening around 2500 buildings. the fire has destroyed five buildings and two homes. time now for a check of our forecast. here's lynette. all right let's check it out right now. the satellite and radar not picking up on anything in terms of rainfall, be we look at the satellite portion and we have clouds out there, also dealing with patchy fog. looking at the clouds at the ground this morning in certain areas. as we slide back further to the south you can see what's going on, a few thunderstorms popping up off towards the north and
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east of atlanta and georgia this morning and that's going to continue throughout the day. all this because of a stalled out front that has not moved anywhere. as we go through the rest of today it will continue to stay in this area and we will continue to have high pressure build in for today but then it will start to slide more towards the east and that will allow more showers and storms possible in our area as an upper level trough works its way through. towards the west we have a cold front back there. that will make its way through as we head towards the end of the week and then just in time for the weekend we start to see improving conditions. this is what we have this morning in terms of temperatures coming in at 70 degrees in sparrow's point. good morning columbia, you're at 67 degrees and westminster 68 degrees. centerville you're coming in at 71. these temperatures are above average, not feeling too bad but we have more humidity to deal with today. there's that shower that i'm talking about as we go towards the afternoon, so a possible --
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possibly some thunderstorms popping up across the area. as we work into tomorrow, more of the same, more showers, a possibility for thunderstorms in the forecast and then things start to improve as we head towards friday, but especially by the weekend. i want you to make sure you go to our web site download the storm shield app. it will keep you safe if one of those storms turns severe in your neighborhood it will alert you. this is what we can expect for the high temperature, the lunchtime temperature coming in at 84 but the high temperature is around 78 for today. let's get a check of the traffic with lauren. there's a little bit of fog out there this morning, the worst conditions are along the harrisburg expressway or west of the city in frederick. might need to use low bahamas. high speeds across the region. 63 miles per hour eastbound here at columbia pike. no problems getting over to 695. 95 also in good shape. we have some construction that's blocking two southbound
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lanes at route 32. northbound travel nice and clear, 6 minutes from route 100 up to the beltway, and typical drive times on 695 right now, the west side it will take you just 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 95 and the east side of the beltway in the clear, 11 minutes as well to travel the outer loop from 95 up to 83. that is your time saver traffic. more pay but longer workweek, that's what baltimore city firefighters can expect in the near future. unions have reached a deal on a new contract. we'll tell you what the acting chief thinks about this agreement. >> they were only 5 and 7 but two young girls did not let their age get in the way of saving the day, why one mother says her daughters are her hero.
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community leaders are meeting with the hartford county school board to talk about a pay to play policy. the school board voted to charge $50 for students who play sports and $25 for those who take part in activities. today hartford county's web site is launching today with more details about the fees. right now we know those student who is qualify for free and reduced meals will not have to pay the money, and parents will not be charged until their son or daughter's name appears on that roster. as you and your children get ready to do that back to school
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shopping, consider helping those less fortunate because abc2 has teamed up with the preston mitchell junior foundation for our annual school supply drive. we have donation sites up in almost every single neighborhood. if you want a full list of where you can donate head to supplies and tomorrow is the last day of the drive, so it's a good chance and a good time to get involved. baltimore city and baltimore firefighters union have reached a deal on a new contract. in this agreement it includes increased salaries and modified shift structures. under the approved contract firefighters' pay will go up by 16.5% and they will also have to start working 24 hour shifts. the fire chief says a new contract will save the city millions of dollars in overtime pay and prevent possible layoffs. >> this morning we're learning more about keith urban's concert at the inner harbor on september 5th. it will help kick off the
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football season in charm city while the ravens are playing in denver. urban's going to perform on a floating stage near the maryland science center. immediately after the concert there's going to be a light and sound show celebrating the raven's super bowl xlvii victory. and now from abc2 maryland's most accurate forecast. we have another warm day on tap for us, more humidity as well. we will be partly cloudy, and we do have the potential for some showers and some storms, especially as we go towards the afternoon. as you head out the door this morning, make sure you have that umbrella. if you're heading to the game this evening, temperature at 83 but showers and storms also possible. we'll see if we have a game delay across the area. in terms of what's happening for tomorrow, we'll be a little warmer, still have the potential for showers and storms. we will be more humid and the seven-day forecast brings us nice conditions as we head towards the weekend. good timing and that lingers right into the beginning of of next week. let's get a check of the
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traffic with lauren. we have some construction right now on 95 blocking two southbound lanes at route 32. it's scheduled to be finished at 5:00 this morning. no delays right now heading down to d. c. or traveling northbound all the way into baltimore city. the fort mchenry tunnel and harbor tunnel are going to be in great shape this morning. as we take a look at the other main lines we're dealing with a little bit of fog along the harrisburg expressway. here's what it looks like at shawan road. you might need to use those low beams to help navigate. no delays in the northwest corner of the beltway, a normal 11 minute trip to travel the outer loop from 795 to 95. that is your time saver traffic. several days ago on facebook we struck up a conversation with you about the best crabs in maryland. the usual suspects were there l. p. steamers, nicks, they were part of it. then the subject changed to the best seasonings and you saw the usual names on the list but
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many of you started talking about j. o. spike, the locally owned company out of hail thorpe with a recipe dating back to 1985 so that peaked our curiosity. we dropped in on john and ginger port to see what they're doing. >> that was john grandfather's things, customer service is what made this company. that's what sets us apart from anything else because we can be there like that. >> all right. coming up tonight on abc2 we're going to take you behind the scenes of j. o. spice company and show you how they're providing seasonings to some of your favorite crab spots. they've been doing it for years, and get this you may not even know it's what you're eating and enjoying on those crabs. also we're going to show you other items you can get your hands on on abc2 news tonight. we'll be right back.
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scary situation for anybody. >> when that happened to a mom and two young girls they didn't panic. they chose to run for help. the family was almost done with their 10-mile hike when the mother who had asthma began having breathing problems. because she didn't have her inhaler she had a short amount of time. her 7-year-old and 5-year-old got into action. they ran for 2 miles before spotting a ranger. >> we had to walk on the rocks
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and. >> it blows me away that my two girls saved my life. if it wasn't for them i wouldn't be here today. >> those girls were able to give the ranger an exact location, and firefighters reached their mom in time to help. the mother says her daughters are her heros, and she will forever be in debt to them for saving her life. good morning maryland at 5 starts right now. you're watching the station that works for you. now good morning maryland. he was convicted of leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to wick key a leeks and today a military judge will decide bradley manning's fate. >> and two kids accused of gunning down a college baseball player, a possible motive for the murder, the boys they say were bored. details on that and a whole lot more. it's wednesday morning. thanks for joining us, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. let's get right to meteorologist lynette charles. beautiful moon out there right
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now, but could things be changing throughout the day? >> things will change throughout the day. beautiful moon out there. the next time we're going to see one september 19th. get out there and see it this morning. it's 62 degrees right now in pylesville and we are dealing with a little bit of patchy fog this morning. as you step out and about make sure you're careful. give yourself enough time on the roadways. the dew point at 60 in pylesville. and in glen burnie that dew point at 68. definitely feeling the humidity across the area this morning, and that will continue into the afternoon. the temperature in glen burnie coming in at 71 degrees. yes, we are above average this morning, and it's 64 in union bridge. the dew point east at 64. we are dealing with patchy fog in this area. be prepared for that as you head on to the roadways. maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now, but the change comes as you go towards the afternoon. we will have the potential for some showers and also some thunderstorms scattered in nature. i don't believe everybody will get wet for today. as you head towards tomorrow that will be the better chance for the rain coming down.
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mainly widespread for everybody. it will be a good morning maybe if you do have tennis plans. as you get to the afternoon keep your eyes on the sky because by nighttime you have the potential for a shower coming in at 84 degrees. let's get a check of the traffic with lauren. we are dealing with -- it's going to be at its worst west of baltimore city and frederick area. this is exactly what 83 looks like. no delays to tell you about. it's going to be clear as you make the push down to the beltway and no problems to report on the jfx all the way to downtown baltimore. here's what 95 looks like in white marsh, no problems getting up to harford county. i've tweeted these at maryland traffic so follow me on twitter. you're looking at a 6 6 minute ride. 695 in great shape, an 11
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minute ride to travel the outer loop from 95 to 83. on the west side 111 11 minutes on the outer loop. it is 3 minutes after the hour. the army private who leaked hundreds of thousands of classified documents will learn his fate. bradley manning was convicted of 20 offenses including espionage. a military judge will announce her decision this morning at 10:00. manning faces up to 90 years in prison. prosecutors are asking for at least 60. he's going to get credit for three and a half years he's served spending time in a military jail. an army psychiatrist accused of going on a shooting rampage in for the hood texas could give his case today. major nidal hasan says he plans to call no witnesses. 13 people were killed during the 2009 attack. he is acting as his attorney but questioned three of the prosecution's 90 witnesses. this morning we may learn more about a woman found


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